Month: August 2016

Technology Makes Us More Human After All

As technology and social media makes all of us more connected, the value proposition of recruitment agencies is evolving. While social media is excellent for recruiters in identifying and contacting hard-to-reach talent, a number of recruitment agencies are creating a distinct market advantage by using social media to establish awareness, credibility, and trust in their industry with clients and talent alike. Recruitment is no longer about who you know. Now it’s all about who knows you. Establishing a credible and trustworthy brand – a presence that’s distinctly human – on social media is crucial to succeeding online. I think...

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Content = Relationships = Trust = Sales

At an executive breakfast late last week, the topic turned to the challenge of quantifying the return on investment when putting resources into developing a brand. There was a common theme for most of the executives around the table – “Yes we know brand is important, yes social media seems the right place to achieve it, no we don’t do it well.” It’s a challenge in particular for sales driven organisations. While most of us agree that “brand is good”, when faced with the everyday demands of the next client, the next deal, the next phone call, the next...

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