Month: February 2017

9 Best Practices That Recruiters Can Swipe From Online Retail

Look, I get it. Recruitment isn’t the same as selling a widget. People and our shifting expectations and emotions make recruitment delivery infinitely more complex and challenging to navigate. However, that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a ton of value that recruiters can achieve by taking the learnings of one industry and applying it to our own. Over time I’ve worked in recruitment, technology, sales, marketing, and eCommerce. In recent months I’ve been working on an online retail store and I can see some huge opportunities for smart recruiters to create a point of difference for themselves by applying...

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A Recruiter’s 4 Pillar Social Media Audit

A social strategy is a powerful way for recruiters to build a successful team and business. If you are a recruiter, and you are reading this on LinkedIn, then odds are you are already in engaging in using social media in your recruitment process. BUT there are 4 pillars to a successful social strategy for an agency, and chances are that right now you might not be executing across all of the 4 pillars. Let’s take a look.. Listening – Social listening involves regularly monitoring and responding to customer service and potential reputation management issues that are occurring on...

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