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Recruitment. Brand. Digital. Content. Marketing.

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This is My Story

I’m a recruitment, marketing, and technology guy. I help people with digital & content marketing, social media strategy, and recruitment technology.

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Content Marketing

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Social Media Strategy

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Recruitment Technology

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Email Marketing

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During my career, I’ve worked with over 1,000+ recruitment agencies, from one person agencies to global giants, and helped them create social recruitment strategies that drive bottom line results.

I deliver digital content strategies for recruitment agencies that help them become the recognised authority in their industry.

The Beginnings

I started out my career in the advertising industry, spending several years as a “suit” in a global ad agency, working with Microsoft, Coca-Cola, and MasterCard on their advertising strategies. This was back in the day when online was an emerging industry – I was working on online advertising strategies before Facebook had even been founded and Google was still in a garage. This is where I developed a love and understanding of the importance of a well-crafted message and the role that brands play in our decision making.



Lured by the excitement of sales I then spent the next 6 years working with a global recruitment agency and progressed from individual recruitment into team management (while always continuing to carry a quota). This is where I experienced and enjoyed the rollercoaster of the recruitment industry. I thrived on the opportunity to work with and meet so many incredible people, and see the inner workings of a huge variety of companies and industries.

Interested in understanding the internal recruitment function better, I joined a global talent consultancy in launching a new onsite recruitment function, where I worked closely in developing employment brand, systems, process, as well as the functional recruiting for a 300 person IT business. This experience really taught me to better understand the internal recruitment function, the role of employment brand, and the real difference that finding the right people makes. As part of this role I took the lead on training our IT Solutions sales team on leveraging LinkedIn for their own sales efforts, along with working with our marketing person on leveraging LinkedIn and social platforms to grow the audience of in-person marketing events, and optimising the LinkedIn profiles for the leadership team within the business. All of this lead to my next role…


Then I spent an incredible 6 years working with LinkedIn which continues to be the highlight of my career and I’m sure the best job that I’ll ever have.

One of the first employees across the Asia Pacific region, it was an incredible ride from a small serviced office in Sydney, to over 10,000 employees globally. I worked with one person agencies to the global recruitment giants in developing and executing brand and sourcing strategies across Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, China, and Malaysia. On a personal level, I had the opportunity to work closely with a Director and mentors that inspired me and had the opportunity to lead a team whose fire, passion and results still humble me.



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Social Media. Content Marketing. Recruitment Technology. Sales. Employment Branding.