How You Can Be Everywhere That Your Ideal Customers Are

B2B marketers, #sales leaders and stick-figure lovers – this video is for you!


This is the tactic that is crushing it for our clients at the moment – so much so that I don’t really want to share it 😉


This approach works really well if you have a defined target audience of specific prospects you want to sell your solutions into.


How our omnipresence #marketing strategy works:


  • Get a list of your ideal prospects
  • Upload them as a custom audience into the relevant ad platforms
  • Target them with high-value content across multiple platforms
  • Follow them up with some one-to-one email outreach (you can use some smart automation here)
  • Follow it up with calls if they haven’t responded to your 1-to-1 email outreach


It works because:


  • You are everywhere they are
  • The tight audience targeting means no wastage of your advertising budget
  • Your email outreach and calls are going to EXACTLY the same people that have been seeing your marketing over the last few weeks / months.


This close alignment of sales and #digitalmarketing and virtually no ad spend wastage is why I love this strategy.


Useful? Questions? Let me know below!


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