How To Promote Your Video So It’s Seen By Your Audience

Video is one of the most exciting forms of content out there today. It’s loved by all platforms, and people are over 80% more likely to engage with it over regular text content.


But… how do you get the most out of your video? Not sure where to start?


I’ve put together my guide to where to post your video to get it noticed!


P.S. Keep reading for an insider tip on how to get your video even more exposure online.


So, let’s jump into the video distribution plan…


Your Website

Add your video to your website blog or any relevant pages. If you have thank you pages, add your video on those too.


Your Email Newsletter

Add your video in to your next email newsletter. Video tends to get GREAT click through. If you’re wondering if your click through rates are better than your competitors, check out this link here.



Upload your video to YouTube.


Try YouTube Ads! They’ve proven to be super successful as they aren’t being over utlised by everyone yet. Keep this one a secret!




  • Upload to your Facebook Company Page
  • Add to Facebook Story
  • Share in relevant Facebook Groups
  • Create Facebook ads



Upload to Instagram feed, post on your Instagram story and create Instagram ads.




  • Upload to LinkedIn Company Page
  • Upload to LinkedIn Personal Page
  • Attach to LinkedIn Personal Page “About” section
  • Share in relevant LinkedIn Groups
  • Create LinkedIn ads



Upload to Google MyBusiness.


Now for what you’ve all been waiting for… How to get your video more exposure


Upload SRT files with your video!


What are SRT Files?


An SRT file, or SubRip Subtitle file, is a plain-text file that contains critical information regarding subtitles. Search engines use your subtitles to then read your video and know what type of content you are discussing. This means you will be more likely to be indexed by search engines!


At Eloquent we use for our SRT files. It’s super quick and easy and only costs $1 per minute!


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