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YouTube Ads Are Crushing It For Our Clients Right Now – Here’s How

Today I want to get you excited about something that has really been killing it for one of our clients. YouTube Ads.

It’s a tool that I was aware of, but we weren’t using a lot yet and it’s really, really powerful. We’re starting to incorporate it into all of our client campaigns and it’s going to be one of the go-tos for us, for our marketing, and for our own business as well.

YouTube Ads

YouTube ads are crushing it for one of our clients. They’re working really, really well, and it’s something that I didn’t know would be this effective. YouTube has about 2 billion monthly users, so there’s this massive audience. On top of that, YouTube is the second largest search engine and each month there’s more hours of footage watched on YouTube than there are Netflix and Facebook combined.

If you think about that… it’s this massive opportunity, but then not a lot of advertisers are using it, and when they are, they’re definitely not using it well. That means that right now the attention is under-priced. You can get really cheap views.

Audience Ad Targeting On YouTube

YouTube is owned by Google, meaning anything that Google knows about you, can be used to target people in YouTube. You can target around different ownerships, different geographies, different types of audiences. You can get really focused and targeted on who you want to talk to.


The other thing that you can do with YouTube when setting up ads, is that we can buy ad campaigns on a thing called TrueView.

What does TrueView mean for you?

TrueView means that you only pay, when someone watches more than 30 seconds of your video. When you buy Facebook ads or LinkedIn ads, you pay as soon as someone clicks. You might be paying $1 or $10 depending on your audience, but they might be on that page for a couple of seconds and leave.

With TrueView, someone needs to have watched the video for 30 seconds, meaning they can be quite qualified. Then you can make sure in the video that you’re targeting to that person and that you can qualify them.

You can actually say to them,

“Hey, I want to teach you about this thing. It’s specifically for this audience. You should get really excited about it. We hope this audience achieve this outcome.”

If the person isn’t that audience, they’re just going to cancel that. They’re going to skip the ad. You’re not paying for people who aren’t interested.

The Cost Of YouTube Advertising

We’ve got a client at the moment and they’re getting around three to four cents per video view for people that have watched more than 30 seconds. It’s about a three-minute video. For about $100, they’re getting about 1500 people who are watching their video and it’s not just any 1500 people.

They’ve got a really big customer list. It’s about 40,000 past customers, so we got a list of their past customers. We uploaded the list into YouTube, Google went through and found it matched it up with the email addresses of past customers.

We’re running this hyper-targeted campaign, showing these videos to all of their past customers to re-engage them and get them back into the business… and it’s so cheap. Paying $100 for 1500 of your old customers to watch more than 30 seconds of one of your videos is crazy.

How Much Does YouTube Advertising Cost

A lot of businesses are spending, $10,000, $20,000, $50,000 creating these videos but spending nothing on getting eyeballs onto it, right? I would put it to you that 10% to 20% of whatever you’re spending on making a video at a bare minimum, 10% to 20% of what you’re spending on making a video, you should then dedicate to getting people to see it. You’re spending $10,000 to make a video, putting it on your website, and 100 people see it.

You’ve spent a fortune for very little. Spending an extra $1,000 that might get 10,000 more people to watch it. You’ve multiplied the value of that asset by 10. You can make those YouTube ads clickable, so people can click through to different landing pages.

Optimising Landing Pages From YouTube Ads

About 70% of YouTube users watch on mobile, so if you’re sending them to a landing page, you want to make that landing page work really well on mobile. Make it conversion rate optimized, make it run really quick and run them to a simple call to action.

If people are on their phone, then usually you just want them to like, or follow, or engage, or pop in their contact details because you’re going to send them something. Don’t make the page that you’re sending them too complex from YouTube. They’ve got to be able to convert right thereafter they’re engaging with the ads.

If you need help setting up an optimised landing page, make sure to look into our blog ‘How To Get More Out of Landing Pages & Make More Conversions’.

I knew YouTube Ads existed, but I wasn’t really using them well. Now that I know about the power of them and how well they’re converting, it’s something that we’re really getting on board and working on with many of our clients.

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